Welcome to Artisan, Queens Park Arts Centre’s exciting programme of exhibitions and events. Led by Sophie Carr, this special project offers free-to-view exhibitions all year round featuring work from the most talented and inspirational artists working both locally and nationally.

Alongside our exhibition spaces we have a beautiful gallery shop stocked with handmade art and craft. You can find out about the latest artists stocking their work by clicking here, or see below for our upcoming exhibitions.

‘Forgotten: The British African Colonial Soldiers of the Second World War’ – Learning Through The Arts

27 Sep – 15 Oct
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Commemorating the African soldiers in the Second World War.

During the Second World War over half-a-million African troops served wit the British Army as combatants and non-combatants in campaigns in the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Italy and Burma – the largest single movement of Adrican men overseas since the slave trade.”

Produced by Learning Through The Arts as part of Black History Month 2021.

This exhibition is a companion to LTTA’s moving and inspiring new play ‘A Stroke of Luck’, which is to be performed at QPAC’s Limelight Theatre on 8 October. Click here for more information.

‘The Way I See It’ – Dan Sullivan

28 Sep – 15 Oct
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“I’m influenced by many artists, abstract and figurative, old and new, but particularly the great story-tellers like Gauguin, Rousseau, Edward Hopper and Stanley Spencer. And if you insist (as some people do) on comparing my work with that of Beryl Cook, I won’t be the least bit offended.

My latest work (both painting and sculpture) has all been in this more narrative style: scenes from my imagination, comment on social situations, new versions of Old Master paintings and reflections on modern life – lots of drama, symbolism and intrigue.

But what I want most is for the viewer to decide what’s going on in my artworks. Your interpretation is just as valid as mine – I simply set the scene, you tell the story!”

Dan was born in London in 1950, brought up in Peckham and went to Waltham Forest School of Art. Since then he has travelled around Britain and worked in many fields, including 25 years as a fire-fighter and two spells of setting up and running contemporary art galleries.

He now lives in Haddenham, Bucks where he spends a lot of time painting, sculpting, making pottery and continuing to develop as an artist.

Dan also works regularly (on sculpture and pottery) at QPAC.

“I’m delighted and proud to be mounting a solo exhibition in the main gallery.”

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