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Welcome to Artisan, Queens Park Arts Centre’s exciting programme of exhibitions and events. Led by Ellie Kirkup, this special project offers free-to-view exhibitions all year round featuring work from the most talented and inspirational artists working both locally and nationally.

Alongside our exhibition spaces we have a beautiful gallery shop stocked with handmade art and craft. You can find out about the latest artists stocking their work by clicking here, or see below for our upcoming exhibitions.




20 Feb – 8 Mar
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Brenda and Amanda have worked together for many years enjoying painting and teaching, but their work is still as individual as they are.

Brenda’s high horizon work in landscape vibrate in unconventional colour is more about the feel and sense of the land rather than representable.

Amanda’s special handling of paint with fluid panache interprets waters either river or seas. The movement and light define her work.

For more on Brenda’s work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

For more on Amanda’s work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.


1-30 Mar
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“Sometimes reality can be overwhelming and emotions we feel can often reflect how we view the world, making it difficult to find a sense of peace. Art is my peace. It gives me freedom to visually explore my own thoughts and manipulate them into a more positive image. It’s a beautiful form of therapy that others can also appreciate.

“My name is Jess Ranieri and I’m a self-taught artist from Aylesbury. I work with acrylic on canvas and explore my inner thoughts and feelings through dreamworlds. I have a degree in psychology and worked several years in a wide range of mental health environments. During this time, I discovered the powerful effect that art can have on those who are struggling to connect with reality. Having had many of my own struggles with mental health, painting is the one constant that allowed me to express myself. It gives me freedom to visually explore my own thoughts and manipulate them into a more positive image.

“I strongly believe art can have a profound positive effect when trying to improve wellbeing and my hope is to add a little colour to the darkness that so many of us often find ourselves in.”

For more of Jess’ work, follow her on Instagram.


15 Mar – 8 Apr
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Tom presents an anthropological exploration of different traditional craft communities within Britain, told through documentary photography and film.

For more on Tom’s work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.


19 Apr – 4 May
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“We’re a group of artists and makers whose medium is clay – from sculpture to tableware, from practical to decorative, from fantasy to frivolity, from collectible to inimitable.

It’s a lot of styles, a lot of ideas and a lot of dedication. Our potters throw, coil, slab-build, mould, scratch and carve. We experiment with slips, underglazes, glazes and an infinite range of techniques, old and new.

Female, male, young, older, experienced and newcomer alike, we all work regularly on pottery or sculpture at QPAC in Aylesbury, guided by our inspirational tutor Patrick Hayward. We’re delighted to be holding our first group exhibition!

It’s our love of clay, an obsession with ceramics and determination to show the world what we can do. That’s our Claydream!

For more on the group’s work, visit their website or email info@claydreambelievers.com.



20 Apr – 18 May
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Sarah’s work portrays people, animals and landscapes through oil paints and strong colours.

She captures moments of emotion and invites you to identify with the subject in the painting, imagining what their story is and how they feel. By connecting and reflecting, we build empathy and in turn develop a greater understanding of our world.

For more on Sarah’s work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.


23 May – 4 JUN
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Evi’s contemporary oil paintings explore the effects of weather and light on a landscape and celebrate the dynamic dialogue between vibrant colours and impulsive palette knife use that capture the feeling of the moment. A bold exploration of inner feelings and reflections is at the core of the imagery.


Click here to listen to an interview with Brenda.

Kelly’s work is currently on sale in our Artisan gallery shop.


Click here to listen to an interview with Jess.

Click here for an article about Salina’s exhibition.



13 MAY, 11AM-3PM

This event is the perfect opportunity to discover everything that the hub, heart and home of culture and creativity in Buckinghamshire has to offer.

All of the venue’s bespoke studio spaces will be open to the public, with artists and tutors demonstrating all manner of arty activities from pottery and painting to woodwork, needlework, and jewellery making. It’s the perfect chance to discover a new hobby!

Our Limelight Theatre, meanwhile, will play host to a variety of different live performances from groups and classes running at the centre, spanning music, dance, and drama, including an appearance from award-winning storytelling company Unbound.

The centre’s exhibition spaces and gallery shop – presented as part of its Artisan project – will also be open throughout the day, including a chance to see some stunning photography from members of the ImageZ Camera Club, who’ll be hosting their annual showcase at QPAC throughout the month.

This event is free to attend – no pre-booking required.

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